People Vaccinated in the UK (1st dose): 52,399,031

People Vaccinated in the UK (2nd dose): 48,520,906


How do I sign up to become a Steward Volunteer at COVID-19 vaccination centres?


As an NHS Volunteer Responder, all you need to do is complete this sign-up form. After logging in using your GoodSAM details, you will be redirected to the form. Services will be opening in the coming days and weeks with different areas stood up at different times. This means you may not be required on site for some weeks. Please continue to stay on duty and accept other tasks when you receive alerts.


Is the stewarding role different to the non-clinical support role?

No, they are the same role.  You will receive tasks for both stewarding and non-clinical support

I have applied for the stewarding role and it’s saying I am already a steward volunteer however, I can’t see ‘Steward Support’ under my roles?

The NHS are transitioning the old ‘non-clinical support’ role into a combined role which includes the stewarding support.  Therefore, you may still hear and see the term ‘non-clinical support’, please be assured this means you are ready to receive tasks for stewarding tasks.


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