बेलायतमा खोपिएका व्यक्तिहरू (१)st dose): 52,399,031

People Vaccinated in the UK (2nd dose): 48,520,906

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द्वारा | जन 19, 2021 | कथाहरू | ० टिप्पणीहरू

Have you had the COVID-19 vaccine? 

Yes. I am confident it is safe and effective after months of rigorous testing and a strict approval process regulated by the MHRA.

What is your message to BAME staff in the NHS? 

Although there are no plans for the vaccine to become compulsory, I encourage my fellow frontline healthcare workers to get the vaccine. It will ultimately protect yourself, your families and your patients.

० टिप्पणीहरू

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