Pobl wedi'u Brechu yn y DU (1st dose): 52,399,031

People Vaccinated in the UK (2nd dose): 48,520,906

Myth and misinformation around the COVID-19 vaccine intensified as the roll-out date became closer. My job as a healthcare professional is to firstly reassure that we are here for their care and our job is to do no harm. Listen to their worries around the vaccine and answer their queries with kindness, common sense and facts. It’s important to listen.

Patient education is key. I have been fielding questions from relatives, friends, neighbours and local community about the vaccine. I do this on top of working my regular shifts at the hospital.

It’s the only way to counteract the current fear-mongering adopted by people who are spreading misinformation and discord during this trying time.’

Amina is an Operating Department Practitioner at St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, and has translated public health messages into Somali to combat misinformation in this community that has been overrepresented with COVID-19 cases.

Amina also teaches trauma (knife crime) and CPR training, and relationship building and conflict resolution to young people in Sheffield, London and Cardiff. Amina made the 2020 Queen’s honors list for her services to healthcare.

Thank you, Amina for all your incredible work — your compassion and hard work saves lives.

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